Dec 15, 2012

What is my feeling when I was taking PMR result ?

Gooddieee! Oh my, I'm supposed to revise subjects not to bloggg ! Hmm..tak apelah, for the sake of my juniors,I'll update my blog.weee~

So,the title is quite a riddle,kann??

What is my feeling when I was taking PMR result ?

Takkanlah kau orang nak jawab,it supposed to be me answering that question for I'm the one facing it.Lol.

Less than 2 weeks before taking my PMR result , I cried like everyday and asked myself,

''What if I dont get a good result ? What if I dont get straight A's ?'' Nauzubillah..

Because I have thousands(cehh yoyo je) of reasons why I should get 9A's.

Alhamdulillah, I kept doing Hajat prayer and Taubat prayer.Also,tahajjud once the exam ended.
But through the day getting nearer,I cried in my solaah.I dont know, I'm just touched.My feeling was unexplainable,and being emotional that time.I dont know why.

I even cried  when reciting do'a..I told Allah,

''Ya Allah, Kau Maha Penyayang Maha Mengetahui akan segala-galanya.Balasilah segala usahaku dan pengorbanan kedua ibu bapaku dengan kejayaan dalam PMR..''(well the doa is surely gonna be long lol ).

The night before taking PMR .

I dont sleep.I cant even sleep.I'm anxious like blergh you can never imagined.huhu :~)

The morning.
Aah the Government has provide a simple way to check for result through sms, I used it.
Tapi tak dapek-dapek~  cisss buat wa geram tahap seribu je.Pagi tu pulak Abah dah mula usik-usik,

''Qish,berape A?''
''Entah,KPM suruh rahsia !''
''Boleh ke ni..daat stret A..?''

Sempat pulak tu makan durian pepagi result keluar,kunun tak de pape yang berlaku.Poyoosss~
In my heart, I just read surah al-Insyirah and selawat selawat selawat.

If you want to find calmness, do read Surah Insyirah and Selawat upon Prophet Muhammad.

and yes, before you went out to school, perform Dhuha prayer and pray.Pray may Allah ease your way. Pray to Allah and ask Him to put your heart in Redha.Redha to anything that might happen,insyaallah.

For this time being my little junior,
This is TAWAKKAL phrase where you cant change anything except by do'a.Just go on with your life in good way, enjoy your day.You might feel different after the result came out,trust me !!

And the only thing you should know, PMR is just a beginning.Getting straight A or not,it's a second thing.
Yes,it's crucial but it's not an end.

If you got straight A's , dont forget to say Alhamdulillah,and sujud syukur.
if you dont, do that too.

Dont lose hope ! Dont cry ! Dont blame yourself nor Allah . He gives what's the best for you,at that time.
Yeyy ;) Goodluck my dear juniors ! Oh you can read my PMR diary on the label PMR ( rightside of the blog ).



ain soofiyah said...

haha.. teringat!
kau mencuakkan aku dgn kecuakan ko 2.!

Balqis Azhar said...

hahaha! dah cakap dia 9a ko tak caye..

Yui Bieyna said...

Masyaallah. Entry ne menginsafkan saya. Amek Arab jugak. Wish me luck for next year. Next year is the last batch..... :)

Balqis Azhar said...

goodluck dear !!

Naz said...

If you got straight A's , dont forget to say Alhamdulillah,and sujud syukur.
if you dont, do that too.

thanks for the statement above^^

Balqis Azhar said...

welcome dear =D