Dec 19, 2012

PMR isnt the final stage.

*gambar lama waktu ambil PMR result.

Alhamdulillah, I felt what they felt.The feeling of taking slip with a long straight smile on face, knowing that you're one of the best.The feeling of you've make your parents proud of you.The sense of you're standing with the best people amongst you.

How about others ? Those who didnt feel what are you feeling ?
I dont know.Its something I never savour before.For every exams, I undulge awesomeness feeling.Undoubtedly, I forgotten what minority feel,minority people with a-not-flying-colours result.

When I was in standard 6 , I got 5 aces and mumtaz with 94.4 %.
When I was PMR, I got 9 aces.
See ? I dont know what is the feeling of becoming one who didnt achieve what they want.

suprisingly, today..the result for PMR 2012 just came out.Some happy, some sad.

Well, I knew what's their feeling of getting straight a's.I knew.
But they supposed to understand that PMR is just nothing.It may prominent, to determine your stream.
But hey !! Eventhough you failed in PMR,that does'nt make you fail forever. Yes maybe straight a's students will have alot of privileges but hey,you will have your own privileges too.

In another way, it's not how many a's that you have in your hand, but it's how would you act after the result came out.

This isnt the end.It's just a beginning.You will fathom that life during the 4th year of Highschool is hard. ( not for SBP/MRSM/SMK).Dear all SABK students, form 4 year is completely different and tiredfull.

You have to struggle for academics.
You have to  struggle for SMA which will be hard.too hard with a higher syllabus.

One thing that you should know, kita *SABK students* akan sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah kerana belajar ilmu agama.Yang penting jaga pantang larang.Apa yang haram remains haram.Makanan perlu dijaga untuk hafazan uolsss.Hafal,jangan jadi macam batch kami.Menyesal pulak tak menghafal dari awal. huahuahua.

SPM ? yes SPM is crucial but it's not the final stage of your life. They say that SPM is everything. Living in sekolah agama, I was taught that life is about second chance.You still can go oversea eventhough you're not excellent for SPM, if you got Mumtaz for STAM.

Most of us never realised that SPM is crucial but it's not everything.
But hey,let's just follow the current examination your best in every exams as what Allah told us,

''hayya 'alal falaaah.''

congratulations to all of you whom works so hard to get what you want.
congratulations too those who can accept allah's fate,though its hard to accept in the reality.
congratulations to self for all the sacrifice is paid.