Dec 31, 2012

50 cents a day will make you rich.

Since 2013 is about the corner and 2012 is leaving us slowly,
I am thinking what to change the most in my life.


Maybe some of you did'nt know that I am going to be 17 and automatically would be a SPM candidates.
I also plans what-to-do for post SPM activities despite maybe I should think about getting straight a's instead of post-spm activities.

Oh what the fridge.

Takpelah!! since 2013 is about to come and I determine myself to keep istiqamah doing 'menabung' all the day.


Just imagine how much would you get for saving rm0.50 x  365 days.

=RM 182.5 

Man that costs alot !!

Why I want to save up my money ?
Because I want to go holiday after SPM on my own ! I want to go every single place that I never been before. Because I want to go out with my friends with my own money.

Because I want to travel !

But RM182.5 is not enough for every single little things that I' do :(

So here's the plan, save AT LEAST rm 0.50 cents a day.
When you have extra money - Save more.
When you receive 'duit raya' - Save.Do not spend them.

Technically, when you're getting older and you realised how crucial it was to save money - It's just too late.

My teacher once said that ' if yu wanna to get married, you have to save up starting from today.'
and that day I'm just 16 - I dont even think about saving money for marriage lol.

So today I do realize and I really hope that I could rewind the time.When I was so young.Because when we are young,people tend to give money and duit raya but once we are older, you wont receive the same amount.

But we need money when we are old not when we are baby !

So start collecting money from now.Its important.For University, driving license and anything !

50 cents a day.
Think.Is it hard enough ? Or easy enough ?

Maybe we never realised that one day - WE ARE NOT GOING TO ASK PARENTS FOR MONEY.

Haii tecik-tecik ni bolehla kengkorang minta duit nak beli segala benda yang korang nak.
Masuk sekolah menengah pun minta mak ayah duit lagi.

tapi, satu hari nanti  we must confront the day when we have to do our own job to get money.
We have to work hard.With our own sweat for everything.

So here I give some tips on how to save money :-


Saving up money with coins is good enough.Maybe if you buy something and you have balance about 0.70 cents.So save 'em!!

One day you'll realize that coins you've saved will be more than RM200 ! Trust me I've been into that place.

2.Make moneybox that is hard to open.

Jangan gatal tangan nak korek tabung naaa ! Kalau boleh jangan sesekali buka .

3.Dont take out money unless important case.

This is what my mother taught me so.And alhamdulillah :-) I never did this thing.And I try not to do that insyaallah.Sometimes we never realise that when you take out money for a few times, you'd lose about a hundred.


Is that worth it ?

4.Jot down money that your friend owe you.
This is because, if you count how much your friends owe you without jotting it down- you will realise that it actually cost alot of money.Or at least, rm 50.

You dont trust me ?
Count them.You will know.

So start saving today ! Its not hard.It needs Istiqamah-Determination-dont spend alot- occay.

I want to go to US with my own money after SPM puhleasee?


Rina Ellisa said...

Go sis Go.. U can do it!! :D

Miss Xyz said...

Haha teringat yang ini :-

girl : How long have you been smoking?
Boy : maybe 10 years.
Girl : you know what? If you that money you spent for cigarettes for the past 10 years, you save, you should have a Ferrari by now. You're burning your own money.
Boy : err okay... Do you smoke?
Girl : No.
Boy : so where's your Ferrari?

Urm, ada kena mengenalah sikit kan, haha

hnahdy said...

banyak juga..