Nov 25, 2012


Assalamualaikum ! Its new hijrah year ! ( After 11 days of 1434 Hijri hihi ).
Come on, every year there must be something we want to upgrade, to make it even better, to pursuit your dreams.

Getting into the new hijrah year made me realised that I have to do something in between academic and life in order to have a better future.

I really think I need to change my attitude too.I do think to shift a paradigm in my personal development.
Aaaa sebenarnya kau nak cakap ape ni balqis ? tulah tweetlah,facebook lah.Fokus fokus !

So, eventhough 11 days have passed , I am still going to list down what I want to do in future as this year a great event will happen ! it's SPM dude.

Daaaa lets proceed with my new azam of the year.

1-Would always revise maddah.
2-Thirsty of knowledge.
3-The highest in SPM (SABK)
4-Do NOT waste your time badly.
5-Less sleep.
6-Be the best leader for community.
7-Re-formation of SAMT.
8-Less ONLINE.
9-Always read Al-Quran,make it your pal.
10-Re-memorise juz amma !
11-Adds surah; Surah Al-Waqiah,Yaasin,Al-Mulk,As-Sajdah,Al-Qalam,Al-Insaan.
12-Help people in need as always you did.
13-Do not forget to read - as always.
14-Jot down ideas and new info.
15-Make sunnah of Prophet as a routine. *eg:Honey,Kurma,Zamzam.
16-Read surah Al-Insyirah everyday before school.
17-Perform solat dhuha everyday that you can.
18-Witir pleasee before sleap !

Insyaallah :-) I'll try my best starting from now on to discipline myself with my azam of 1434 Hijrah ! May Allah easier my way insyaallah.May Allah helps me to get 11A's in SPM.
May Allah bless me.Amminn amiinn ya allah..

     Walaupun gambar ni takde motif langsung still I want to show you that we, can still play futsal :P

dedicated to those who think that theyre going to seat for SPM.(duuhhh =,='')

Btw, I've got so many stories to tell you *sampai taktahu nak mula dari mana.
Betuii naa..dak tipu sikit pun aih..

Ok lah, pray for me and my success fiddin,dunia,walakhirah.
Barakallahu fikum to those who read my blog :))


nasran nabil said...

no more debate?

Balqis Azhar said...

RIP to debate.

Taklah, still.Tapi tak aktif la dah..