Jul 22, 2012

Its Ramadhan Month. ( Poem )

Fasting is not about having a hungry stomach,

Rather than other month,
We seldom feel the void & empty of a stomach,
But thank you to daiety-ALLAH ♥
He gives us a month to feel how to live without food & drink, half from a day.

We should understand what poor people feels.
And even salafussoleh.
A month of tarbawiyyah.-Tahajjud,Al-Quran,Witir,Usrah,Tarawih.
But Ramadhan is not just that.
A fight between zest and Iman.
A tug of war.
Who will win?
We decide.

Jul 8, 2012

Genetical Reasoning.

I was born to love books and striving for success, always.

Assalamualaikum ! 
Today I'd like to talk about the 'Genetical Reasoning'.
Some reason I post this entry in English is that -
I hope that MUET students would read it and increase their skills in reading & even vocabulary !

So yeah,back to the main title.I just  received my PPT results and alhamdulillah Ya Allah 
for the results given.Yea, maybe there are some blondons for some subject, maybe I failed.
But I guess failure isnt the last stage of striving success.Failure is your first step to a higher peak
and a deep knowledge.

There are some students that have parents whose works as engineer, doctor, lecturers and etc.
Which is simply  need a good IQ to become that kind of profession.
Which their genetic would be inherited to their sons.
And their sons would also have a good IQ too.

How fortunate they were !

Living in this so-called round EARTH causes me to met a lot of people.Mingle around with people that never
perched in my mind before.

I met a student with a brainy IQ and even rich with talents.
I met a student whom can even get 11A+ without hardwork.
I met a student whom can answer any mathematical question,complexed addmath question,
physics and even chemistry.
I met a student whom can run so fast as a tiger !
I met a student with a political fikrah that loathe everyone

Oh my goodness.Words can never explain how passionate I am now to tell ya the habitants of earthlings around me.
But sadly, most both them were born with intelligence by genetic.
Inherited by their clans.

Its so hard to find a person that have a few ability,born in a middle family, and workhard to sharpen/have the ability.
But as I said before, I met alotof people in the Earth.
Yet I met someone.Yes,and it is SHE.

Allah knows how she worked hard to make her family proud of her.Allah knows how she wake up early in the midst of sleeping mortals to perform Tahajjud.Allah knows how resilient  she is when being tested with unknown illness.

And me ? I'm born with a simple intelligence and I worked hard to strive for success.And of course! With Allah's wills.But some of my talents was an inheritance,but there some of my skills that I wanted to have , and I learn for it.

You know, 
Allah give people with different knowledge,like puzzle.
And we complete each other.
Like a spoon with a fork, broom with shovels.
Man with Woman.

Oh ,
i wonder how the life is if there were 3 genders in this EARTH.
Ahakk ahakk :"D

Byyee  , assalamualaikum.
Jihad of a student continues this Sunday :)