Jun 9, 2012

Menutup Aurat @ Covering Your Aurah.

*that lil kid looks so adorable in the pinky hijab!!

Hey ya , yaa you ! You.. the special person choosen by Allah to read this post.
*cherish smile*

So Alhamdulillah,Allah choose us to become part of His lover,
a muslim.A mu'min.A muslimah *ALHAMDULILLAH*
A highest praise to Allah because we are still living with the sustenance of Iman & Islam.

So girlss !!
Are you ready for this postttt ??? Say Yeahh ! * semangat abiss *

Siapa kat sini dah sempurnakan tanggungjawab pada Allah ??
Well,maybe dah.Kot.Tapi tak perfect la agaknya.

Have you cover your aurah ?
I dont think that you guys would answer No.Alhamdulillah if you say YES.
I dont know how to start this.. but let us start with my past.

When I was a young kid, I started wearing hijab though sometimes nampak noob gila *true fact when you see me wearing hijab when I was 6 *

Yelah, pakai tudung kaler ijau and then jambul-jambul rambut terkeluar kt dahi & no serkup(anak tudung)
and sometimes comot-comot dgn coklat bagai.
Boleh pula darjah 1 main tarik-tarik tudung , which eventually will end up tudung berkedut & garis tengah tudung ketelinga *waakakaaka :))

And when I grewn up & still growing + being matured as a muslimah,
I found out it is important for us to close aurah.
People ( and major is woman ) keep questioning me ,
' Why to close aurah ?'
' Do fashion is haram in Islam?'

Dear sisters & brothers in Islam,
Allah loves us.And that's why he has created a 'rule' that we must obey.
And to abide by his rule is the best way to dedicate our love to Him.
Its like, you have a wife , and your wife wants a red rose,
And you would rather to search for the red rose near the Volcano to make her happy,
to fulfil her demand.
So why must we disobey Allah's rule ? There must be  a reason why he asks us to close aurah.
Yes,there must be.
If you learn PQS.. it teaches you in which I dont want to talk about it bcause It would be a very long post to talk about.

fashion is not haramm ! Though Allah sends us syariat first and the fashion comes next, fashion will never haramm.Why ?
Everything we wear is a fashion.But not all types of fashion would make it permanently halal.

Gotchaa ?

At my young age of being a teenager, I'm exposed to fashionsed, yeah its true.
I wore blouses, but it didnt align with syariat.
The blouse is short at the arm , so I wore a long tee inside but it shows the shape of body.
So err , I wasnt realise at first.

But getting older day by day,
and even sinnings increasing minute to minute,
and even getting nearer to death,
I realise what I did and what I wore is totally wrong.

So I started to wear socks when I'm out of home.
I try to permanently & keep istiqamah doing it.
Alhamdulillah, rasa macam bogel kalau tak pakai.

And next, I started to buy a bidang 45 tudung.
Which I think it is sooo comfortable & easy to wear !!

And next, I try to improve myself by wearing a longg blouse when I'm out.
What I try to do for these past weeks is to try to wear tudung labuh & abaya.

Yeahh abaya!
Abaya is easy to fit in , and even the best outfit that couldnt deny that it doesnt follow your body shape.
Huuu~ How I feel so pleasent & safe wearing abaya.

But uhmm,
the tudung labuh.
I did that. But permanently ? I cant.
Sometimes tudung labuh,sometimes bidang 45.. 
mueheheh xD

But as long as the hijab that you wear is align with syariat..
kinda it is not transparent,and longgar,and does not show your chest,
still lah it's hijab.

Any type of it.-even tudung saji is hijab =P (xyah nak 9gag sangat la kann..)
And today, I can see hundreds of my friends wants to be a niqabi..=)
Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah ! May Allah ease their way.

Me ? I'm not sure to become a niqabi.It depends.
I need to know my profession first, where would I pursue my studies and etc  because I think a niqabi should know & understand why they should wore it.
Well, for this time being,
Pernah la.. tercita-cita jalan-jalan g carrefour pakai niqab,
everyone would not realise me, and I can lower my gaze if I wear niqabi.

Once I'm married , I try myself to become a niqabi,
because my beauty belongs to my husband =)

Well to be frank, you can change.
Dont ever never dream of doing sunnah thing if you cant compromise to obey Allah's rule.
Utamakan yang utama.

When you become part of 'us',
You will be shame in doing maksiat & sinnings.
Shame to near the karaoke,wayang and etc.

Ya Allah yang maha membolak-balikkan hati,
tetapkan hatiku & sahabatku serta keluarga dalam Imanmu,
jadikan kami sentiasa Istiqamah menutup aurat,
dan melaksanakan solat 5 waktu.Jangan kau palingkan kami daripadaMu setelah kami dijalanMu.

Girlss !!

Guys never want sexy girls to make as wife .
sebab nanti dosa bertambah-tambah.
wiii :))
Soo, let us cover aurah.It is our dignity.
Assalamualaikum & may His bless will always upon us, insyaALLAH <3

"Beauty without virtue is like a rose without scent."


ain soofiyah said...

lelaki yg baik adalah untuk perempuuan yg baik ^^

toko baju muslim murah said...

pikiranku cerah bila mampir kesini..senyum deh