Jun 3, 2012

A letter to my future husband :)

*Well I write 'future' because I've got no husbands yet.Please understand my phrase.

To my dearest future husband ♥ ,
hopefully your Iman is still living so high.Insya-allah,if we were truely destinied together,
I will fulfil all my hearts with devotion towards you,in becoming a good wife *InsyaAllah.
I just want a proper wedding for us that align with Syariat so that the barakah would come and bless our marriage forever and hereafter.I dont want a pelamin * seriously.

My dearest husband ♥ ,
Can we please build a marriage faster ? Maybe after the SPM ? 
Its hard for me to empty this flimsy heart.I hate to fall in love with the person that is not halaal for me.
I hate that.But it just too hard for me to not to do so.I'm sorry my future husband.
You know,the day I wrote this letter I'm just 16.I know nothing about you & destiny.
But today,I'm fervent in knowing, who you are ?
Do you who are somebody that used to close to me ? And how are we gonna build this halaal relationship ?
Subhanallah.And this feeling even spread faster to all parts of my fragile heart.I'm just curious.

My dearest husband ♥ ,
Im trying to be loyal to you.I try not to having relationship with any other guy except you,
I try to close my aurah because it's just for you.
I'm trying not to text any other guy because I dreamt of to text you like 24/7 when we are already married but far away aparted*maybe because of outstation :)
And yes,I'm not lying.I'm 16 but I dont use phone,well that's cool :)

My dearest husband ♥ ,
I dont want entirely mixed and socialised with guy.
Islam does'nt make it haram,but I know,it would be sweeter if you're the first person that I can talk with smile sketched on my face.One that I can chat whenever I want, one that I can tell my personal story and share my diary of the day.

Well maybe I would delete this blog after nikah. * Teehee  :D

My dearest husband whom I would love full of my heart someday,
here's my last word for you :

Please be ready with knowledge of Islam.Let us become a good Mu'min.
I want to be a good muslimah,and you too I'm sure you want to have a good muslimah.
If you want me to always read Al-Quran,and become  a good wife of yours,
you to must do so.

Insya-Allah,when we have prepared with nobel akhlaq & a precious Iman & love towards Him,
Then we are ready for this barakah marriage.Then we are ready to have kids.
Then we will color them with Islam.
Then we will teach them together,and hafaz the Quran together ♥

My dearest husband that I can rely on ,
May time will find us together in this prosperous marriage of Iman.
May you will lead me to Jannah.

I..*to shame to say,
I love you .♥

*And you're the first person to hear this word.
Tauu abang ♥ ? Hehehe :))


fanna said...



Balqis Azhar said...

ahhhaa :) *blushing

aNa aNies said...

huarghhh ! husband ? whos that ? hahahah . untg laa buat wasiat dahh ! hahaha

Balqis Azhar said...

Maseh la anis,
ni bukan wasiat ehh..=)

Eyfa Zalifa said...

teeeheeeee..heheh :D shoooo sweet lah :') ahakzz... :D liked it ^^,

Anonymous said...

wahhh!!! excited nyer XD

Anonymous said...

wahhh!!! excited nyer XD

Anonymous said...

Kuatnye angan2

Balqis Azhar said...

@Anonymous Hmm, tak salah.Sebab tula kita kene berdoa dri sekarang agar dpt suami yg soleh.Salah ek ?

Balqis Azhar said...

@Anonymous eh await eksaited sgt nya tu ?Hehe.!

onesha said...

wawww....... >_<

Balqis Azhar said...

@Eyfa Zalifa Thank you <3

Balqis Azhar said...

@onesha why wan sha?

C.I said...

Insyaallah balqis... That's so sweet...!! Insyaallah ... Allah will make it for u....n me too... Aminn,

Balqis Azhar said...

syukran mira <3

Insyaallah amin amin :)