Apr 28, 2012

CLEAN ! * Without no version

In the eye of a 16 years 20 days old  students.
Whom are stilll struggling for high school educational system.
Obviously I am in Form 4 and into science stream class.
Okay ! Done my introduction.

Everyone has their own political views.
Me too,Ive my own personal political views.In a wide range , of course.
With our different political views,we fought for our party everytime the election's year came up.
Indeed,we hope that the party that we support would win , and bring a betterment in development for country, and bring prosperity to nation.
The main problem is , can we ensure that with our current political status, we can built a stronger country ? Will civilisation becomes reality ? The answer is no.
There are some colony in this earth already knew that  Malaysia are  implementeing democracy.In a right way for sure ! With our different political views, there are some annoying people that keep on condemning other people,just because they are not supporting on what party  we are standing on.

Come on ! Are you thinking that every single person in this world have the same way of thinking ?
Way of act ? Way of even way of observing thing ???

Those that are saying "Yes,people have the same way of thinking" are seriously numbskull.

Allah gives us with different ability and mind standard.We see everything in a different perspective.
We act different in the same problem.We did think differently with each other , so that every ideas will be unique,and it cheer up the world.

Back to main point.
I once have been through this circumstances.
I made a status in FB,saying that :

"Aku tak sokong Bersih."

and obviously I dont condemn anything about Bersih,not at all.
And I read all the annoying comments given. I was like , whats on earth youre acting like ???!!

They condemn me , saying that " Fikir2kanlah..kebenaran pasti tmbul jua..bagai3..bla..bla..".

and I deleted the status.
Come on lah.Its my life . I am bloody hell dont care of what youre supporting at.I dont give a damn of what they're supporting,and me too I am not being possessed in any party.
I just have my own personal opinion.

I think..
they're wasting their time.
they have a better way.
they're making a big trouble on this peaceful Saturday.
Many places are deserted in KL without customers.
This day has been through weirdly.

Yes.I hold on a princip,
"Eventhough I am supporting in a particular party,it doesnt mean that the party that we are supporting is totally right , and in contrary.So, I do think that people's voice are louder that words.I do believe.
But not this demonstration.I support that they want a clean election , but not this way.
You still have many medium.Too many.

Bersih is not wrong if it is being held in a halal way.
With permission from Gov, without any anger-yeld,without doing any destructions.
And no littering.

But can we make sure that it all wont happen ?
I dont know either Bersih is right or wrong after watching this video.

And I think Police and Bersih are both wrong.

In a different perspective, I think that people need a noble akhlaq , instead of getting themselves busy of changing our current Government.

Lets change our akhlak.May a good and blessful country become ours.

Apr 14, 2012

Yey, Im Sixteen and I knew it !

Assalamualaikum.Im so overjoyed to see you bloggy :)
Hehee :D

So whats up ? Yeah.Its about my 16th birthday on 9 April,Monday.
Alhamdulillah.Allah still bless me and give me a chance to do good deeds and repent from all enermous sinnings I made.

What happened during 9 April ?
The day are bright.Sun rose and shone to the entire Sabak Bernam.I wake up early that day as I intend to fast on that day.Its about 5.45 a.m.On that morning,my dorm turns to silent without any wish and greetings.
So I was totally sad and my emotions are upturned on that day.Well,its not that I was hoping to receive presents or cards,its just that I hope wishes and du'a from all my friends,especially my dormmate.

During the school period.
When I stepped into the class, I receive a card from Sufiah Athirah and an oatrunch.Most of the girls wished my birthday.Alhamdulillah.At least they remember my birhtday..:) 

I received some cards from my friends during 9 april and 10 april.Here's the picture.

Thank you to Sufiah,Tie,Mira, and Ana Anies :)

And I waited for wish from my dormmates until darkness envelope the earth of Sabak Bernam.Still.No greetings and wish.That night,I talked alot with Dayah.So longgg chat with Dayah.She gave me Cadbury Chocolate that she forced me to open at 12.01 a.m. And I was like
''Haaa? Nak tidurlahh.....boleh tak bukak sekaranggg??"
"Tak bolehh!"

I slept about 11.45 p.m.Still.No wish.

10 April.
During the recess,when I was washing my hand at the dustbin*kantoiiiii,
"Happy birthday to youu..happy birthday to youuu..."
"Amenda korang? Befday aku semalam ah.."
"Sini la Bal..*tarik tangan masuk kelas"
"My goodness ! A cake ! Koranggg ! "

This is a card that they put at the chocolate cake.Ya Allah Im so shocked,and suprised.And I lost my word.
Thank you Allah for sending them to my life . I was totally happy on that day !

11 April 2012.

A fascinate day.Truely fascinate day that I realised only when the day turns too late in the night.
Well,Rabu is holiday but Ive got Bahasa class  to attend.During the afternoon,when I was busy studying additional mathematics,

"Balqis..ade orang nak jumpe.."
"hmm mana?"
"Tu haa..astaka bawah tuu..''
"Alamak cuaklah pulakk.Tibe2 ade orang datang cakap mak aku meninggal kee.."
"Ish jangan fikir bukan-bukan!"

"Manenya !! takde orang pon kt astaka??"
"Lahh..asrama lame lahh.."
"Ohh..ish seramnya.."



"ish mananya..takde orang pon kt astaka nii.."
Lalu aku pun berjalan la ke setiap sudut asrama yang besar tuh.

"Korangg..kite pergi takde ooorrr...... "

Happyy Birthdayy to you ! Happyy Birthdayy to you ! Happy Birthday to Balqisss.. Happy birthday to youu!

Im stunned.Shocked.Afraid.Standing  motion in front of my locker.

"Ya Allah.Kite ingatkan korang lupa......"
"Tak,takkan lupe birhtday Bal lah."

There's KFC, a big mahjong card with all signature from dormmates,a big A4 card with greetings inside,
and some snacks.

It was such an excitement  that I will remember forever.


Alhamdulillah,I manadged to step into the stage for achieving 9A's during the past PMR.
Here's some pictures that I managed to snap using my baby DSLR.

I received a request from somebodyy :D

''wajah berseri kemerah-merahan
Kepetahanmu menjadi igauan di arena perdebatan
Santunan mu menjadi igauan para ilmuan
Tahniah diatas kejayaan dalam semua imtihan
Menaiki pentas merealisasikan impian,
rakan seperjuanganmu menyambut dengan kemegahan
sesungguhnya engkaulah kebanggaan,
akhir kata..salah dan silap harap dimaafkan..

Daripada kami jejaka idaman.
p/s: Peganglah bunga semasa coklat dimakan.''

gila kau.
Nak tergelak aku baca.