Mar 31, 2012


Assalamualaikum !
Wuah banyak nak cerita nih.Macam-macam.Dari A sampai ke Z.Dari Alif sampai ke Ya'.

Pertama : Denda.
Buat pertama kali dalam hidup aku,aku telah dikenakan denda baca surah Yasin di padang perhimpunan.
Muahahaha :) Apa pasal ? Sebab aku bangun subuh lambat.Mungkin sebab malam tu aku penat sangat.Kemudian berjaga jap study addmath.Tak ku sangka,bangun je 6 setengah ! takpe.Sebuah kenangan.Lagipun bukan aku sorang walaupun secara faktanya hari ahad tu aku lah manusia terakhir yg keluar asrama.Hehee :) sik baik mamnu' tau.

Kedua : Baby EOS1100D.

Ahha,i got my new camera ! Seriusli i love my new camera.Well the price is quite ok for beginners.
As for me,Im still learning to get used to the components and settings inside.
And,after a long negotiate, my parents paid RM2k for the reddish cameras.
It consists of tripod too ! God,you guys kena beli tau !!

*Some pictures I managed to snap during Hot Air Balloon Festive.

Ketiga : Amal Islami.
Alhamdulillah from the initial of the training till the end.Because of an endless supports and wishes from all humans,I do motivated to work very hard and did my best.Guess what ? 9th time of being BEST SPEAKER.
Seriously Im shocked.

Case 1.

Im stunned when I read this inbox.
All I can say is Alhamdulillah..

Case 2.
Its when everyone being busy right after the debate ended.At that moment,I was trying to mix up all the debate papers and mineral water in my bag,then,came a plump gay behind me.


Eh ? *bulat mata

"Waalaikumussalam..*with a smile"

Looking right into my eyes.

"Congratulations ! I just awestruck to watch you debate."

stunned.*bunyi cengkerik

"Alhamdulillah..thanks by the way..but we didnt know the results yet kann ??"

And I tried to runaway and shouted in my heart ;
"Weyy hazman jakek aiza wansha ! tolongla aku...takot2!!"

haha xD
Then during the announcement,I saw him talking to Madam Nora.And I never had the courage to know,
who's that guy ? Let it be a secret until someday..heheee :D

Seriously Im getting understand for every single little thing happening around me.
First, I do understand that what Allah has granted for us is the best.
Why ? Im sure that all my blog readers had not forgotten yet about the Kisas fairytale kann..
Yeapp,I do sad.For being rejected - for 2nd time ? 
Dude mestilah sedih.Harus harus !
But as I can see the silver lining through the past 2 weeks,
alhamdulillah and thankful to ALLAH because he didnt allow me to enter that school.Akhsan told me that 
"Kisas tu sekolah jugak.."

still,i dont understand his phrase.
Maybe he tried to defined that what I imagined about Kisas is a perfect in all aspects school, and when he came out with that phrase,he wanted me to open my eyes and believe that Kisas is not so perfect and SAMTSSAAS is the best for you.

Maybe ?Who knows ? Only Akhsan.Haha.

Bytheway,I just received my UPT results , and...
Obviously no E's for that exam ! Alhamdulillah.

But I got C+ for BM but A for BI .
What daa ?
I got C+ foR History subject that i never failed to sleep during the subject.

"seriously Balqis !!???"

Yapp.seriously.I never open my eyes.
Eh I do,once.

hehe !

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