Dec 20, 2011

Heart talking

Clock is ticking ,

and i am wondering ,
so long wondering,

oh dear how could i face you
though we must confront this for some day ,
even if its not today , nor tomorrow

this is an awful feeling
this pain such hurts me alot
and i am totally thinking,
if i failed today,
am i still standing tomorrow ?

to allah i cried ,
i hope i pray 
for everything turns fine
for i achieve the aim
that's what we called a desire

for some reasons,i'll say , im weak
but i try insyaallah 
to understand that everything that will,was,is , happen are god's sake
which there must be a good things behind.May,
i will accept the 
regardless good or in contrary

to you im on this sajdah
to you i talk 
nor monologue or dialog
because al quran will always be a conference

to you that became my shoulder
for the moment i sad , im happy ,
to ask forgiveness,to share you something
i dont need them to share
you are all i need
to you i ask , i demand

o allah , will you give me 9 A's for PMR ?

Ya allah , pernah sekali aku takabbur dgn keputusan upsr/psra ku..
ya allah kau ampuni aku..

you deserve what you desire
but if you works hard.
thank you.

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