Oct 13, 2011

My life after PMR

assalamualaikum and hello !
currently im in an imbalanced mood.ouh well , today is thursday.
yes , i mean thursday ! You know , thursday will always be a school day .
but for Balqis Azhar , here it was ! a school hols.
and totally , im terrified :( oh god, i wish that there will a door that can always take me everywhere.
haha , unlogical here i am,infront of lappy.without knowing what to do after this , seriously =,=
and know im babbling a lot . yeah ive been alone at home since last night.what to do , PMR is over.i mean OVER !

and now , i can feel something.i can smell something .
its the smell of happiness + worries , afraid of results.a mix of torturing , sadness , worries woudnt make a good mixture :( so i put a spell of love inside it . yeah im already stirring it.oh you wouldnt know how it would feel.terribly suck .

and now , im missing you . every moment .
#god knows how i miss you very much , friends :(

but , after all those problems and conflicts ,all my love had fed away.flew by the wind.
so im gonna to fly my feeling away that tomorrow im gonna be a robot.
yeah its cool actully.who knows ? lets try ..

:/ this feeling torturing me ! and im curious of knowing my PMR result.
wish that i have a magic . cool -___-