Nov 6, 2011

Its A Mess Week Ever

Assalamualaikum , peace be upon you =)
Alhamdulillah ,i ve some pretty time to be fill with updating blog.
Yea yea , last night ive updated a post ,
for some unpleased reason , i already deleted the post.I draft it actually.
Aaa , let it be , let it be.I just dont want to remember anymore.

For today , its Eid Al-Adha.Congratulations to all Moslims ! May after this , we tend to sacrifice in every single aspects connected with Islam.Maybe the way we sacrifice our time for studying , the how we perform solah , is it at the middle of the time,or early after the adzan.It is a sacrification that we must do , instead of going to perform Hajj.

Ive some problems to be solved,its about the Jamuan Polis.Ive already in a stress , I slept late lastnight.About 4 O'clock in the morning.Downloading videos,making some cards,converting videos , making tentative , making a speech,and lots more.4 o'clock is a very early for me to sleep as I must complete all the task before tomorrow morning.Thinking of tomorrow is Eid, so I sleep.

Well,I woke up about 6.45 in the morning.What's on earth they didnt wake me up ! After performing solah , I
pray , may all my work will run easily,Insyaallah.

After the Eid Prayer , the Imam speeched about Sacrification.What shocked me is I slept after the solah until the end of the speech.weeww ~ 

Thing is , im too tired,and I need a rest.
after all , ive felt like,im doing the task all alone ! 
pssstt , ive an eyebag.uwaaaaaaaaa =( 

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