Sep 3, 2011

The Importance Of PMR

Wheeeww ,im googling just now , before i get back to Sabak Bernam tomorrow.

Now if all readers realised that lately ive been posting all about PMR.

so what is the importance of PMR ?
i must say , there's a lot of importance for me to be write . just too much.

# it will determine our stream
instead of the Arts stream or Science stream .If PMR aint exists , students may choose any of the streams .
which will causes a bis bang to us , for their future is because , if somebody chooses any of the stream , that is not his expert field , dude he had done a big mistake in his life .imagine hows his future :
  • the University , Job and some more . he might be just sleeping in the house without working !
#teachers and students
teachers might not finishing the syllabus efficiently . they will not creative , teaching efficiently ,
students has no determination to study.Truancy will increase.WOW that also may causes crime problems.

well the country will not born a quality student , not at all . that will contribute to the country , to advance our technology , becoming the Tech-Gen that Mahathir told in Vision 2020 .

 see? read the definition of told us PMR is important :-)

so if youre saying PMR is just an unimportant,
let us think twice .

goody !
pena wirawati :)


hamzah ian said...

wahh.. upsr lak? hehe

Balqis Azhar said...

comingg soon !

Many :) said...

Fuyooo ade gamba aku tu. *bangga jap

Balqis Azhar said...

sngal kot..eee

Balqis Azhar said...

sngal kot..eee