Sep 1, 2011

Eid Mubarak Ya enti !

Alhamdulillah..thankful to Allah because he gives us oxygen to breathe , photosynthesis process to eat food ,
and lots more :) 

Malaysia celebrated Hari Raya on 30 August 2011 ,
which falls one day before the Independence Day .

it is such a significant symbol as both means a VICTORY
raya >> victory after Muslims fast for 30 days .
independence >> From the neocolonialism 

so 2011 means a lot to Malaysians , and for me , 2011 means PMR .. wuuuu ~

so I would like to share some of my creative pictures , that I created for my Family .

Ramadan has passed. Our Qur’ans have shut. Our masjid have emptied. And our hearts have once again filled with the love of life, the hatred of death, and the desires that consume us. The Shaytan that was once banned has again taken his place in our minds, our homes, at our front, and at our back. Once again he has kept his vow of assault.


anis sahirah said...

bes la post +_+ ~ powerful english lalalalala ~ hihii . follow me back ! <3 yeah

Balqis Azhar said...

aniss ! u got blogs !

asma :) said...

Gudluck pmr dik :)

Cahaya Kewangianku said...

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Balqis Azhar said...

thanzx asma..
cahaya : OK !

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

selamat hari raya idul fitri :) mohon maaf lahir batin

Balqis Azhar said...

maaf zahir batin :)