Aug 21, 2011


well , when it comes about the word change ,
what would you think of ?
maybe :

a  girl change her cloth ? *this is what Katy Perry said in her song*
an attitude ?
personality ?

and what not.

well guess.what am i gonna to talk about ?
its the change of attitude and personality ,
some people couldnt accept differences between other people . eh ?

thing goes like this : you are a person who is strict in promises .
but yet , it doesnt mean you must hope people to do the same too .
get it ?

or lets just simplify it ,
you cant hope for the sun to shine till the evening ,
cuz possibilities are beyond what you think.
it might be a storm , rain , or snow in the afternoon.

lets demand less ,
lets not hope of people to change their identity ,
lets not hope for people to be a silent person if he is vice versa
lets not hope for the flight to be on time ,
lets not hope for the world to be good to you ,
if the resides are not.

well , i just hope people to change their mind thinking , and try to accept differences in every little thing ,
religion, cultures , way act , way talk , and some more .

toleration is in between it !

                       TOLERATION :)


AmyZana said...

what if org tu change kpd yg lebih buruk? boleh ke pertimbangkan perubahan tu? :/

Balqis Azhar said...

ha4..well i dont know !

kinn said...

yes. toleration is in between it!

feel free to visit _piNk sitE_ :)

AinsHa=( said...

change to cruel.. grrr... T_T

Balqis Azhar said...

grrr..jgn la fkir bruk2