Jun 4, 2009

books and etc

haih,ive just gotta a new funky winky books yawww!mostly,the books i bought is published from PTS one .heee :DD and i also but the enid blyton books titled amende tah .i dont remember .HAHA(= one for sure,the enid blyton books was very interesting yaww .i just tought if ganna to buy the twilight novels.huhh,i saw em on the MPH bookstores,its really making me melted to buy it.haish ,but money lahh dear .thats the issue.); that book was really gilaa mahal and so i decided just to buy PTS one books only .damn u know,im not soo in love in reading books nor magazine or whatever jelah kan .but if english science fiction,totally i would in loove with it .and hell yeah,sekarang nie aku minat dgn poem WILLIAM SHAKESPERE ;p;p yeahh,the old folk-white hair-man.HAHA(= myb lahh agak kurang ajar .but yet,its still the truth kan.ngeee :DD

haish,i think my bahasa malaysia agak sucks lahh.hey,ape cer ngan aku nie?myb imbalance kutt bout reading malay thingee.hmm,its oke.ill try to improve my malay and arabic and of course,not to forget,bahasa english ;D

ouhh hahah,ade lg satu cerita nie,our family will off to beijing,china,this sunday till the next saturday .HAHA,welcome summer!!c ya at the beijing oke?!mummy,sayang gila aqish padamu<33

4-qistina=cik cina

mostly nme² diats nie,akulaa yg reka!HAHA,takdelahh .ituu sume nma gelaran mak aku kpd anak²nye.heee :DD nme aq sdp x?aqish wooo .klo nnt aq kawen,nk suro SUAMI pnggl aqish lahh .bwu sopan santun ohh + romantik ;P