Jun 28, 2008

Me and friends...

This is my friends..I am the second tallest in my class...Now,I'm in standard 6...6
Hijjaz...What a beautiful name isn't it??

Just back from school...sweet huh??

This is my sister and her friend; Eva...she's first from left....A little
bit chubby...
from left,atiqah 10,qistina 3,taufiq 5 and me 12....i'm wearing the green t-shirt...we're at da Lake Garden,Taiping....

Taekwondo championship at Titiwangsa.....

-21 June 2008-
It was a sunny day.Inside the car,i can see Eye On Malaysia.It was very big and one of the Malaysia's proud.From my heart,i would want to get into it.But,i need to focus on my taaekwondo champinship first.A little bit upset but it's okay.After reaching there,i could see lots of people training and doing warm up before the championship start.I feel scared and sometimes i feel happy because without my teacher's support;Cikgu Alam,i can't stand here.

-11.00 a.m.-
The championship begins.After about 45 minutes the result shows.I didn't get any of the medal from category"individual pattern" sad.But i still can try by category "team pattern".In this category,my team get number 2...we're so happy for it.But just for a while because after lunch we still had about two categories more....

-2.00 p.m.-
The "individual sparring" categories start.This category need us to fight between two people...but,fight with skills not fight like "kerbau lawan".hehehe...I got number 2 beb!!! But i got some injury at my "tulang kering" and a little headache because in the final,my opponent kick me at my head..."pening lalat"malays people said...

-5.15 p.m.-
Time for "team sparring!!!" funny at that team wins without fight because in this category,only our,with who are we goin' to fight???ghost???haha....So,automatically,we got number one..

-6.10 p.m.-
Time to get home!!!i'm gonna to miss u Titiwangsa!!!tata...titi...tutu...bye...mmuahhh!!!