Oct 20, 2016

LLB Law in London

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone :)

Just happy and glad to tell you that I am finally in London for more than a month, alhamdulillah.
Remember how I used to rant over International Baccalaureate and how I was so intimidated of getting a placement? Its over ! I am now in reality of the dreams I used to have back then two years ago - to study abroad.

To be honest, living in London is the best decision thus far in my life. People might have asked me several times, ' why do I choose London? ' when London is known for its expensive cost of living and expensive rent too. My answer will always be - because there are just plenty of opportunities here.

What opportunities?
Since London is the center of United Kingdom where it has been rapidly developing and it is known for many top universities(other than Queen Mary University of London, hiks) i.e. LSE, UCL, KCL, SOAS and many more.. and almost everyday there are just a lot of public lectures given by prominent speakers and professors in their expert fields. For this main reason : it drove me here, to London. I feel that I want to make use my young time very well. I know I need to maximise everything and at the same time cherish every single moment that I have as a student studying in a well-developed country. Simple, I want to spend the scholarship given by my country for good!

One might just pick London to live as a city girl and they could not bear living in a kampung place like Warwick - but that's up to them. One too, might choose London because it has a lot of singers doing concerts here( it's true,guys). But nonetheless, whatever your intention does reflect your vision and mission. It depends on you, totally. But honestly to me, I know what business am I doing now and I am serious to create a good path for my future.

Other than that, 
I love London for there's just many opportunities to learn law. Recently, I received a good news from Pro Bono Society that I am accepted to work as a trainee at Dentons( a hugh legal firm based in London) and the other internship for Corporate Law under Rare Recruitment. Really, I did not expect these to come at a time. I was simply give myself a try to apply as much as I can. Alhamdulillah too, that I am now under the process of working with HarperCollins to record on Malay IGCSE cd insyaAllah( just pray that the author liked my voice, hehe).

But, one thing for sure - I found what I have been looking for. I found exactly the happiness that I have been trying to fulfill and the contentment is such an overwhelming. I am glad to say that I have made the right decision and I'm truly enjoying my current life in London.

For many many excitements to come, insyaAllah.

Sep 6, 2016

How does it feels to survive?

I would mark 13th of August as an achievement of a lifetime - for graduating from International Baccalaureate successfully.

Well, probably not good enough for all. 37 point with an additional of 2 points from CAS + EE + TOK, still below 40 points that can be considered as excellent. Well, that's life. If you are good at something, you'll find that there are people better than you. Stop comparing and be grateful of what is yours. But that's exactly what happened in KMB; if you got above 35 points and below 40 points you are only dubbed as an IB survivor that secured a scholarship to abroad. If you got 40 points till 45 points, you're dubbed as an excellent and will be called on the stage to receive special reward.

How lucky they are - said someone.

I get it, it is their definition of success. To me, why do I have to feel regret for not doing well when I can now secure a placement to a university listed the third after Oxford and Cambridge ( according to Guardian)? Afterall. it is just a conventional ranking that does not represent the real definition of success in the Worldview of Islam. It is, indeed, a fake ranking that we deemed to follow just because everyone's making it as a benchmark. And with all due respect, why do we have to please everyone and make them look at us as though everything that we do should be up to people's expectations?

That's what I keep on telling myself.

That I do not need to be excellent just to make myself look good infront of the public. That I won't be doing something just to look good in the resume. I'm doing this and that for myself, for my own empowerment, and that I could be nearer to God with the knowledge I gained.

That's the ultimate definition of success I have put in my life.

For graduating after a horrendous 2 years in Kolej MARA Banting, I feel the satisfactory that I have done my level of best. That if I may turn back time, I would still choose IB and I'd continue doing it no matter come what may.

Maybe yes, maybe you will only find that it is hard when you're in it but once you are done - meh, it is just a piece of more hardships coming.

I may proudly tell myself that I survived and becoming a stronger and better woman of who I am today. I am a work in progress, but improving extensively.Alhamdulillah.